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The Residents Association Constitution

1.  The Association
2.  Objectives of the Association
  • 2.1  The objectives of the Association will be to operate for the benefit of its members. Specifically:

  • 2.1a  To enhance their experience of ownership of property at Golf Club and Spa Ibar in Dolna Banya, Bulgaria.

  • 2.1b  To establish a formal line of communication with the Developers in order to assist where possible with the development of the complex, resolve owners concerns and provide timely information on site progress, by a process of mutual support and co-operation

  • 2.1c  To provide useful information that will be of value in the management of property and making maximum use of local amenities.

  • 2.1d  To foster a spirit of community among owner /members and to integrate that community into the town of Dolna Banya and its local inhabitants.

3.  Membership
  • 3.1  Membership is only open to owners of properties on the Golf Club Ibar Complex, it is necessary when completing the registration form to join that it is fully completed and that all sections are answered truthfully.

  • 3.2   The Committee of the day reserves the right to reject and refuse any application to join the Association from any owner. A full refund of the Membership Fee will be made provided it has been paid.

    3.3  The Committee of the day reserves the right to expel any member from the Association, if the Committee agree by majority, that the member is deemed to have brought the Association into disrepute. Furthermore, a member can be expelled if he acts in a manner that is discourteous to their fellow members and does not fully respect the ethos of the Association. No refund of the membership fee will be made.

    3.4  If any member has any reason to believe that a fellow member has acted against the best interest of the Association or their fellow members then they must bring it to the attention of a Committee member in the first instance, so that the allegations can be fully investigated.

4.  Funding
  • 4.1  The Association is a non-profit making organisation, and all officers will work on a voluntary basis (other than reasonable expenses).

  • 4.2  In order to cover the costs of running the Association, website design, stationery, professional advice, telephone calls etc there will be a joining fee of £25 GBP, per member, this fee will be reviewed annually.

  • 4.3  Thereafter there will be an annual membership fee, which will be determined when we have a fuller understanding of the costs involved.

  • 4.4.  The committee will be fully accountable for any expenditure of the Association and will operate with total transparency.

5.  Management of the Association
  • 5.1  Only fully paid up Members of the Association may stand for office.

  • 5.2  The Committee shall comprise of up to 5 members who are committed to serve the membership from 1st July each year, working diligently on behalf of all members for a period of 12 months. They may then resign, and members may elect a new committee members from fully supported nominations. 

  • 5.3  All Committee members should be free of commercial interests and personal gains in connection with Golf Club Ibar.

  • 5.4  During the first year of operation, the committee may co-opt up to 3 additional committee members at their discretion to assist with specific tasks or projects.

  • 5.5  The founding committee agree to uphold the rules of the complex as already determined by Ibar Golf Club SA, and will assist and participate in negotiations when additions or amendments are proposed, specifically when fees are to be increased or new fees &charges added.

  • 5.6  The Residents Association will uphold Bulgarian Law and its application and interpretation as it may affect foreign nationals owning property in Bulgaria as well as ensuring that all owners are informed to the best of its knowledge on current legislation.

6.  Method of Operation
  • 6.1  The Association will endeavour to be proactive in all aspects of Golf Club Ibar, including complex management, on site facilities, maintenance services, leisure activities, medical and educational issues, rentals services and interactive staffing issues.

  • 6.2  The Association will be largely ‘web based’, with the majority of its business being conducted over the Internet. There are unlikely to be any formal meetings at this stage but may resolve to have AGM’s at some point in the future.

  • 6.3  The Association will have ongoing dialogue with the Developers (Ibar) to understand the progress of the complex, to resolve issues that arise
    and are of common interest to a number of owners, and to help the Developers understand the owner’s expectations.

  • 6.4  Contact with the Developers will initially be via the Secretary or his appointed representative(s).

  • 6.5  Although the Association may be able to provide advice, Individual owners will be expected to resolve any individual disputes with the developers themselves.

  • 6.6  Where necessary, the Association will take professional advice from suitably qualified experts e.g. Solicitors, Surveyors, Architects etc.

  • 6.7  The Association will develop a website for the benefit of its members. The site will provide information on progress of the complex, issues as they arise and items of interest to help owners enjoyment of the complex. Over a period of time, it will build a database of useful contacts to provide us with the various services that owners will need.

  • 6.8  The Association wishes to have good relations with the local community and plans to identify a local charity in Dolna Banya to support through charitable events etc.

7.  Dissolution of the Association
  • 7.1  The dissolution of the Association may take place after a ballot of all paid up members of the Association, if 75% of those eligible to vote are in favour of dissolution.

  • 7.2  In the event of dissolution, any funds held by the Association will be paid into the chosen charity supported by the Association.

8.  Correspondence
  • 8.1  All correspondence relating to the Association shall be addressed to the Secretary. Matters arising from correspondence shall be discussed as appropriate, and the Secretary will make formal responses.


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